1. dismiss
  2. permit
  3. to authorize

Synonyms for licentio

  • dimittoabandon, dismiss, forgive, leave, leave behind, send away, to break up, to leave
  • patiorabide, be afflicted with, endure, permit, to suffer
  • permissilet, permit, to allow
  • permissumlet, permit, to allow
  • permittoallow, let, permit, to allow, to suffer
  • sinoallow, leave undone, let, permit, suffer, to allow

Similar to licentio

  • licentiaauthorization, freedom, leave, liberty, license, licentiousness
  • libatiolibation
  • ligatiobondage, captivity, imprisonment, servitude
  • liberatioaquittal, liberation, release, setting free
  • litigatiodispute
  • liceobe for sale, to be valued at
  • linioto besmear
  • libelluslittle book
  • libenswith good will
  • libenterwillingly, with pleasure