1. calmly
  2. cooly
  3. deliberately
  4. slowly

Phrases with the word lente

Synonyms for lente

  • delicatedelicately, luxuriously, slowly
  • quietecalmly, quietly, undisputably
  • sensimbit by bit, by degrees, gradually, slowly
  • summissecalmly, humbly, modestly, softly

Similar to lente

  • lentescoflexible, slacken, sticky, to become soft, to weaken
  • lentislentil
  • lentitudoapathy, slowness, sluggishness
  • lentoto bend
  • lentulusa little slow, rather slow
  • lentusinactive, lethargic, lingering, pliant, resistant, slow, supple, tenacious, tough
  • opulenterichly, wealthily
  • castechastely, purely, spotlessly, uprightly
  • cautecautiously, with security
  • compteelegantly, with ornament