1. enlarge
  2. extend
  3. give up
  4. liberate
  5. loosen
  6. relax
  7. release
  8. sell formally
  9. set free
  10. to relieve
  11. undo
  12. widen
  13. yield up

Synonyms for laxo

  • amplificoenlarge, to increase
  • augeoenlarge, enrich, increase, strengthen, to increase
  • concedoallow, give up, grant, to concede, withdraw, yield
  • desperodespair, despair of, give up, to be without hope, to despair, to have no hope
  • dilatoexpand, extend, increase, to spread out
  • eximorelease, remove, take out, to free, waste
  • expedioarranged, clarify, clear, disentangle, explain, ready, set free, set straight, settled, to free from a snare, to release
  • explicodisentangle, explain, expound, to uncoil, to unfold, undo, unroll
  • liberatioaquittal, liberation, release, setting free
  • liberodeliver, exempt, liberate, raise, release, to lift, to set free

Similar to laxo

  • labascoto give way, totter
  • labeculaa slight stain, minor disgrace
  • labefacioimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labefactodisturb, shake violently, to weaken
  • labefactumimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labefeciimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labelluma little lip, a small washing vessel
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • labialip
  • labiaelips