1. decay
  2. die
  3. go to ruin
  4. take part in
  5. to perish
  6. to to be undone

Synonyms for intereo

  • abeochange, depart from life, die, disappear, retire, to digress, to go away, to have been, to pass, vanish
  • cariescorruption, decay, rottenness
  • decidodie, fall, fall dead, sink, to fall down
  • defungodie, finish, quit, retire, to discharge one's duties
  • depereobe utterly ruined, to perish
  • dilabordissolve, fall apart, scatter, slip away, to break up, to perish
  • moriordecay, to die, wither away
  • seniumdecay, decline, deterioration, dotage, gloom, melancholy, old age

Similar to intereo

  • inhorreoto bristle
  • integerchaste, complete, entire, irreproachable, undamaged, unhurt, untouched, whole
  • integritasintegrity
  • interimokill, slaughter, to slay
  • interitusdestruction, ruin
  • ingruoassail, assault, attack, to fall upon, to fall violently upon
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • innuogive a sign to, mean, suggest, to give a nod to, to hint at
  • inruofling in, make an attack upon, to rush in, to rush upon
  • incipiobegin, commence, to take in hand