1. assault
  2. enter
  3. entering
  4. go in
  5. going in
  6. inroad
  7. movement
  8. to step in
  9. walk

Synonyms for ingressus

  • eruptioan eruption, assault, attack, bursting forth, sally
  • gradiorlive, to conduct one's self, walk
  • impetusassault, attack, force, impulse, onset, passion, rapid motion, rush, sudden passion, vehemence
  • impugnoassault, to attack
  • incursioassault, attack, clash, collision, foray, invasion, raid
  • incursusan attack, assault, efforts, impulses
  • ineobegin, commence, go in, start, to begin, to enter, undertake
  • inferobe troublesome, bring forth, bring out, enter, put or place on, to carry in, to otherwise bring upon, to say or put forth
  • ingredienter, go in, to step in, walk
  • ingrediorbegin on, enter, go in, to begin to, to enter upon, to step in, walk

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