1. cause damage
  2. hit
  3. knock
  4. to strike

Synonyms for inflictum

  • battuohit, knock, smack, strike, to beat
  • Icohit, make a deal, strike a bargain, to strike, wound
  • infligocause damage, hit, knock, to strike
  • inflixicause damage, hit, knock, to strike
  • laedoannoy, damage, hit, hurt, offend, strike, violate
  • ledoannoy, damage, hit, hurt, offend, strike, violate
  • offendodisplease, hit, lurch, offend, shock, strike, stumble, to displease, to knock
  • planctumbeat, bewail, mourn, to strike
  • plangobeat, bewail, mourn, to beat ones breast, to strike
  • planxibeat, bewail, mourn, to strike

Similar to inflictum

  • inflectumbow, curve, to bend
  • infractumdiscourage, impari, to beak, weaken
  • inflammatioinspiring, setting afire
  • inflammoinflame, kindle, to set on fire, to torch
  • inflatioflatulence, inflation
  • inflatiuson a grander scale, too pompous
  • inflatusblast, blowing into, inflated, inspiration, pompous, puffed up, swollen
  • inflectoaffect, bow, change, curve, sway, to bend, to warp
  • infletusunlamented, unmourned, unwept
  • inflexibow, curve, to bend