1. adorn
  2. exalt
  3. to glorify

Synonyms for glorifico

  • attolloelevate, exalt, excite, lifet up, to exalt, to raise
  • decoroadorn, beautify, embellish, to grace
  • distinguoadorn, decorate, discriminate, distinguish, divide, embellish, part, punctuate, separate, to divide
  • efferobury, exalt, lift up, to bring forth, to carry out
  • elatumbury, exalt, lift up, to carry out
  • excoloadorn, cultivate, polish, refine, serve, to honor, to tend
  • exornoadorn, provide, supply, to equip, to furnish
  • extolloadorn, decorate, elevate, erect, exalt, raise up, to exalt, to lift up, to praise exaggerate
  • extulibury, exalt, lift up, to carry out
  • insignioadorn, distinguish, to put a mark upon

Similar to glorifico

  • glorificusfull of glory, glorious
  • gloriafame, glory, renown
  • gloriorboast, brag, glory in, pride oneself, to glory, to pride oneself
  • amplificoenlarge, to increase
  • carnificobehead, mangle, mutilate
  • justificoto forgive
  • laetificocheer, delight, gladden, to fertilize, to rejoice
  • letificocheer, delight, gladden, to fertilize
  • magnificoto extol
  • munificogratifier, to present with something