1. fame
  2. glory
  3. renown

Phrases with the word gloria

Synonyms for gloria

  • celebritascelebration, crowd, fame, multitude, renown
  • divulgamenfame
  • doxaglory
  • famacommon talk, fame, gossip, report, rumor, talk, tradition
  • lausfame, glory, praise
  • palmaaward for victory, glory, palm, prize, salvation

Similar to gloria

  • glorificoadorn, exalt, to glorify
  • glorificusfull of glory, glorious
  • gloriorboast, brag, glory in, pride oneself, to glory, to pride oneself
  • curiacourt
  • barbariaa country other than Greece or Rome, lack of culture, or uncouth, rudeness, savagery, state of being uncivilized and
  • cibariavictuals
  • diariadaily allowance of pay, food
  • incuriacarelessness, neglect
  • luxuriaextravagance, luxury, opulence
  • materiamaterial, matter, substance