1. aristocratic
  2. of noble birth
  3. well

Synonyms for generosus

  • accliviuswell
  • benewell
  • benevolenshelpfull, kindly, thoughtful, well
  • copiosusabundantly provided, plentiful, rich, wealthy, well, well supplied
  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • formosusbeautiful, finely formed, well
  • puteuspit, well
  • salushealth, help or assistance, safety, salutation, salvation, well, wellness, wholeness
  • solersadroit, ingenious, ready, skilled, well

Similar to generosus

  • generobeget, create, engender, produce, to beget, to engender
  • generosenobly
  • generascoto be born, to be produced
  • generatimaccording to classes, by kinds, generally, in general
  • genetrixmother
  • gelamenassembly, gathering
  • gelidecoldly, feebly, weakly
  • geliduscold, freezing, frosty, icy
  • geloto freeze
  • geluchill, cold, frost