1. oppress
  2. strengthen
  3. to besiege
  4. to strengthen
  5. to support
  6. uphold

Synonyms for fulcio

  • augeoenlarge, enrich, increase, strengthen, to increase
  • conculcodespise, oppress, suppress, to abuse, to tread under foot, tread down, tread under foot
  • corroboroto strengthen
  • defendoprotect, shelter, to defend, to support, ward off
  • excorioflay, oppress, peel, scalp, to shave, to skin
  • firmoaffirm, encourage, maintain, make firm, secure, strengthen, to assert, to make lasting
  • oneroburden, fil up, oppress, to load
  • praegravooppress, to press heavily upon, weigh down
  • pregravooppress, to press heavily upon, weigh down
  • suffragoto support

Similar to fulcio

  • fulgeobeam, shine, to flash
  • suffulciobolstered, to prop up
  • fulgensflashing, illustrious
  • fulgidusglittering
  • fulgurto flash
  • fultussupporter
  • ascioadopt as one's own, to take up
  • concioto stir up
  • crucioto be afflicted, to torture, torment
  • eiciodrive out, eject, to throw out