1. chase
  2. chase away
  3. drive into exile
  4. pursue
  5. to put to flight

Synonyms for fugo

  • insequorassail, attack, pursue, rebuke, reproach, to follow
  • pergogo on with, proceed, pursue, to continue, to proceed
  • persecutuspursue, take revenge, to follow
  • persequipursue, take revenge, to follow
  • persequorhunt down, pursue, take revenge, to follow, to persecute, track, trail
  • prosequorattend, go with, pursue, to attack, to pursue
  • vertointerpret, overthrow, rout, to flee, to put to flight, to turn, to turn into, tranform, turn around, turn up, understand, upset

Similar to fugo

  • fugaescape, flight
  • fugioavoid, escape, runa aaway, shun, to flee
  • fugitivedeserter, runaway slave
  • fugitivusdeserter, runaway slave
  • fumidussmoke, smoky
  • fumoreek, steam, to smoke
  • funestuscausing calamity, deadly
  • funiculusa thin rope, cord, string
  • funiscord, line, rope
  • furaxinclined to steal