1. enjoyment
  2. fruit
  3. produce
  4. profit

Synonyms for fructus

  • commodumcomfort, convenience, favorable condition, opportunity, profit, requirements, suitable time, tage, use
  • delectatiodelight, enjoyment, pleasure
  • depromofetch out, produce, to take down
  • efficiobring about, cause, effect, make, produce, prove, to bring to pass, to do
  • evocodraw on, produce, recall to the colors, to draw out
  • generobeget, create, engender, produce, to beget, to engender
  • lucrorprofit, to gain, win
  • lucrumgain, profit
  • pariobring forth, create, get, make, produce, to bear, to spawn
  • pomumapple, fruit

Similar to fructus

  • fructuariusfertile, fruitful
  • actusmoving through
  • aestuspassionate fire
  • altusancient, deep, great, high, matured, noble, old, secret
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • artuslimbs
  • astuscunning
  • auctusenlargement, growth, increase
  • autusenlargement, growth, increase
  • captusa catching, captured, idea, power or manner of comprehension, prisoner, taken, taking