1. cry
  2. shed tears
  3. sob
  4. to weep

Phrases with the word fleo

Synonyms for fleo

  • clamora shout, cry, loud call, outcry
  • flereshed tears, to cry, weep
  • lacrimodrip, exude, shed tears, to weep
  • lamentorlament, to bewail, to weep, wail
  • quiritatioa scream, cry, shriek
  • voxan oral statement, authority, cry, jurisdiction, power, right, voice, word

Similar to fleo

  • flebilisdoleful, lamentable, tearful
  • flereshed tears, to cry, weep
  • fleretweeps
  • fletustear, teardrop, tears, weeping
  • flexilispliant
  • beoto bless
  • boonarrate, praise, sing, to cry out
  • creomake, to create
  • duotwo
  • eogo, leave, march on, to ce