1. conceive
  2. contrive
  3. to touch

Synonyms for finxi

  • attrectoto touch
  • concipioconceive, receive, take in, to take or lay hold of
  • contineoaffect, befall, border on, confine, connect, contain, grasp, hold together, include, infect, join, keep together, reach, restrain, surround, to contian, to hold, to hold back, to keep in, to keep togethere, to touch
  • contingoattain, befall, meet with, occur, to concern, to happen, to touch
  • contrectofeel, handle, to touch
  • fictumconceive, contrive, to touch
  • fingoconceive, contrive, to touch
  • imbiboconceive, drink in, imbibe, think up
  • incogitoarrange, contrive, think out, to plan
  • moliorconstruct, contrive, erect, strive, struggle, struggle alone, to attempt, to build, toil

Similar to finxi

  • fingoconceive, contrive, to touch
  • pixidraw, embroider, to paint
  • planxibeat, bewail, mourn, to strike
  • rexidirect, govern, to guide, to rule
  • texibury, conceal, hide, protect, shield, to cover
  • traxiderive, get, pull, to drag
  • vexiconvey, to carry
  • vixibe alive, to live
  • constrixiconfine, restrain, to bind
  • construxiarrange, build, to construct