1. artisan
  2. craftsman
  3. ingenious
  4. skilled

Phrases with the word faber

Synonyms for faber

  • artifexartisan, artist, author, maker
  • paratusequipment, equipped, fitting out, preparation, prepared, ready, skilled
  • peritusexpert, skilful, skilled
  • solersadroit, ingenious, ready, skilled, well

Similar to faber

  • fababroad bean
  • fabreingeniously, skillfully
  • fabricaart, craft, device, manufacture, trade, trick
  • fabricoto construct
  • fabrilisworkmanlike
  • fabulafable, play, story, tale
  • facessoaccomplish, do, to work zealously
  • faciesappearance, aspect, condition, countenance, face, look, visage
  • facileeasily, readily, without difficulty
  • facilisaffable, agreeable, easy, pleasant