1. put out
  2. to extinguish

Synonyms for exstinguo

Similar to exstinguo

  • exstinguiput out, to extinguish
  • distinguoadorn, decorate, discriminate, distinguish, divide, embellish, part, punctuate, separate, to divide
  • exspectatawelcome
  • exspectoawait, expect, to await, to look for, wait for
  • exstasisamazement
  • exstinctumput out, to extinguish
  • exstoappear, be extant, project, show itself, to stand out
  • arguoaccuse, attempt to show, censure, convict, declare, expose, make clear, prove, reprove, to blame, to show
  • redarguoconvict, disprove, refute, to confute, with prove guilty
  • beoto bless