1. appear
  2. arise
  3. be
  4. exist
  5. happen
  6. take place
  7. to emerge
  8. to stand forth

Synonyms for exsisto

  • appareoappear, manifest, to become visible
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • emanioarise, emanate, originate, spread, to flow out
  • essebe, nature of being
  • eveniobefall, happen, to come to pass
  • existoappear, arise, to become, to stand forth
  • exoriorappear, come forth, come forward, issue, spring up, to appear, to rise
  • exstoappear, be extant, project, show itself, to stand out
  • incidofall in with, happen, occur, to fall in or on
  • occurocome about, happen, to occur

Similar to exsisto

  • exaltoto raise high
  • excitobring about, call forth, occasion, raise up, stir, to awaken, wake
  • exestoextra esto
  • exhortoto encourage
  • existoappear, arise, to become, to stand forth
  • expetodesire, make for, require, strive after, to demand, to fall upon, to seek after
  • exsultoexult, rejoice exceedingly, to revel
  • exultobe joyful, to exult
  • exagitoto stir up
  • exercitoto practise diligently