1. accomplish
  2. avenge
  3. carry out
  4. describe
  5. explain
  6. follow to the end
  7. fulfill
  8. keep up
  9. punish
  10. relate
  11. to describe
  12. to execute
  13. to follow to the grave
  14. to maintain

Synonyms for exsequor

  • adimpleocarry out, perform, to fulfill
  • castigochasten, chastise, check, punish, reprove, restrain
  • commemoromention, relate, to keep in mind, to remind
  • declaroexplain, reveal, to explain, to proclaim, to prove
  • demonstrodescribe, explain, show, to indicate, to prove
  • describoassign, register, to describe
  • designodefine, describe, designate, mark out, to define, to represent
  • disponodispose, draw up, put in order, to arrange, to describe
  • evolvodetach, disclose, explain, extricate, to untangle
  • exaequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like

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