1. arranged
  2. clarify
  3. clear
  4. disentangle
  5. explain
  6. ready
  7. set free
  8. set straight
  9. settled
  10. to free from a snare
  11. to release

Synonyms for expedio

  • certuscertain, decided, definite, determined, resolved, settled, sure, undoubted
  • clarusbright, clear, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • declaroexplain, reveal, to explain, to proclaim, to prove
  • demonstrodescribe, explain, show, to indicate, to prove
  • evidensclear, distinct, evident, plain, visible
  • evolvodetach, disclose, explain, extricate, to untangle
  • explicodisentangle, explain, expound, to uncoil, to unfold, undo, unroll
  • exponodisplay, explain, expose, to expound, to set forth
  • exsequoraccomplish, avenge, carry out, describe, explain, follow to the end, fulfill, keep up, punish, relate, to describe, to execute, to follow to the grave, to maintain
  • extricoclear up, disentangle, extricate, free, unravel

Similar to expedio

  • expeditioenterprise
  • expediteeasily, freely, promptly
  • expeditioneexpedition, military force, military operation
  • expedituslight, unchecked, unimpeded
  • exaudiogrant, hear favorably, hear plainly, to hearken to, to listen to
  • experiorascertain, experience, prove, put to the test, test, to test, to try
  • expetensdesirous, eager
  • expetodesire, make for, require, strive after, to demand, to fall upon, to seek after
  • exeogo forth, to withdraw
  • expioto purify