1. adorn
  2. cultivate
  3. polish
  4. refine
  5. serve
  6. to honor
  7. to tend

Synonyms for excolo

  • administroserve, to guide
  • apponoput on the table, put to, serve, to add something, to appoint a person, to place near
  • cavocultivate, dig, excavate, hollow out, pierce
  • colocherish, cultivate
  • coluicherish, cultivate
  • commodoadapt, oblige, please, serve, to make fit
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • decoroadorn, beautify, embellish, to grace
  • distinguoadorn, decorate, discriminate, distinguish, divide, embellish, part, punctuate, separate, to divide
  • exerceocultivate, exercise, keep at work, practice, to administer, to train

Similar to excolo

  • excorioflay, oppress, peel, scalp, to shave, to skin
  • excellosurpass, to elevate
  • expellobanish, expel, force out, to drive out, to eject
  • exsuloto live in exile
  • extolloadorn, decorate, elevate, erect, exalt, raise up, to exalt, to lift up, to praise exaggerate
  • expostuloto demand earnestly, to make a claim
  • exululoto howl loudly
  • colocherish, cultivate
  • exacuoto sharpen
  • exaequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like