1. consume
  2. devour
  3. to eat
  4. waste

Synonyms for essum

  • atterodestroy, erode, impair, rub against, rub away, ruin, to weaken, waste, weaken, wear away, wear down
  • comburoconsume, to burn up, to ruin
  • comediconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • comedoconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • comesumconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • defluobe lost, disappear, to flow away, to flow down, waste
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edoconsume, devour, give out, put forth, to eat, waste
  • eluorinse cleanse, squander, to wash out, waste
  • eximorelease, remove, take out, to free, waste

Similar to essum

  • escabait, food
  • escensioa movement inland, marching inland, milit
  • esculentusdelicious, ripe, succulent
  • essebe, nature of being
  • essedariusone who fight from a chariot
  • sumoppositely, sity
  • absumbe away, be gone, be missing, to be absent
  • adsumbe in attendance, be near, be present, to assist, to come, to to be at hand
  • cessumto grant, withdraw, yield
  • desumabsent, be missing, err, fall short, to fail