1. bait
  2. food

Synonyms for esca

  • alimentumfood, provender, victuals
  • alimoniumessentials, food, nourishment, provisions
  • diariadaily allowance of pay, food
  • epulaea banquet, courses of a meal, dishes, feast, food
  • nutrimensfood, nourishment
  • victusfood, living, manner of life, nourishment, sustenance, victuals

Similar to esca

  • escensioa movement inland, marching inland, milit
  • esculentusdelicious, ripe, succulent
  • essebe, nature of being
  • essedariusone who fight from a chariot
  • essumconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • arcabox, cell, chest, coffin, money box
  • baccaberry, pearl
  • forcapitfall, snare, trap
  • furcaa fork, fork, narrow pass, pitchfork
  • micacrumb, grain, morsel, small loaf