1. elegant
  2. fine

Synonyms for elegans

  • decorusbeautiful, becoming, charming, decorated, elegant, fit, graceful, proper
  • eximiusexcellent, exceptional, extraordinary, fine, superb, uncommon
  • exquisitusdelicate, excellent, exquisite, fine, sought after
  • honestusbeautiful, distinguished, fine, honorable, proper, respectable
  • lautusbathed, cleaned, elegant, fine, refined, washed
  • lepiduscharming, elegant, pleasant, witty
  • multoby a great deal, by a lot, by far, by much, distrain, fine, torment
  • mundusclean, elegant, neat, universe, world
  • mutoalter, exchange, fine, mulct, punish, to change
  • pulcherbeautiful, fair, fine, handsome

Similar to elegans

  • eleyou
  • elementumbasic constituent, element, first principle
  • elemosinaalms
  • elemosinariusalmoner, person in charge of providing charity
  • eatenusso far, thus far, up to then
  • ebriusdrunken
  • ebulliobubble up, produce in abundance, to appear, to boil up
  • econtrathe same as contra
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edicodeclare, to announce