1. arrogant
  2. proud of oneself
  3. puff
  4. puffed up

Synonyms for elatus

  • celsusarrogant, elevated, haughty, lofty, proud
  • feroxarrogant, courageous, headstrong, spirited, unbridled, warlike, wild
  • inflatusblast, blowing into, inflated, inspiration, pompous, puffed up, swollen
  • superbiensarrogant, domineering
  • superbusarrogant, haughty, overbearing, proud
  • tumidusarrogant, elated, swollen

Similar to elatus

  • elaborescape, to slip away
  • elatiohigh wave, self
  • elatumbury, exalt, lift up, to carry out
  • edoctusinformed, well versed
  • electuschosen, select
  • epotusdrained, drunk up, swallowed up
  • erectusalert, anxious, cheerful, proud, resolute, standing, upright
  • eventusconsequence, event, experience, fate, issue, occurrence, outcome, result, success
  • equitatuscavalry, horsemen
  • evestigatusdiscovered, found out, tracked down