1. so far
  2. thus far
  3. up to then

Synonyms for eatenus

  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit
  • hactenushitherto, so far, up to this point
  • tamso, so far, to such a degree

Similar to eatenus

  • egenusdestitute, in need of, in want of
  • eminusat a distance, from a distance
  • equinusequine, relating to horses
  • enucleateplainly
  • ebriusdrunken
  • ebulliobubble up, produce in abundance, to appear, to boil up
  • econtrathe same as contra
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edicodeclare, to announce
  • edictumordinance