1. abandon
  2. dismiss
  3. forgive
  4. leave
  5. leave behind
  6. send away
  7. to break up
  8. to leave

Phrases with the word dimitto

Synonyms for dimitto

  • abscedodepart, leave, to go away
  • amittolet slip, let slip away, lose, send away, to dismiss
  • corrumpoannihilate, destroy, spoil, to break up, weaken
  • derelinquoabandon, desert, to forsake
  • deseroabandon, foresake, to abandon, to leave
  • desoloabandoned, foresake, leave, to desert, to forsake, to leave desolate
  • destituoabandon, defraud, leave in the lurch, to abandon, to place
  • dilabordissolve, fall apart, scatter, slip away, to break up, to perish
  • discedodeviate, leave, to depart from, to go away
  • egrediordepart, exit, leave, to come out, to go out

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