1. grief
  2. longing
  3. need
  4. regret
  5. want
  6. wish

Synonyms for desiderium

  • anhelobreathe, live, strive for, to desire, want
  • cupidodesire, longing, passion, wantining, yearning
  • cupiodesire, long for, to, to desire, wish
  • difficultasdifficulty, distress, need, trouble
  • dolorgrief, misery, pain, suffering
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want
  • indigeoneed, stand in need of, to require
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • luctusgrief, lamentation, mourning
  • maerorgrief, mourning, sorrow

Similar to desiderium

  • desideratuswelcome
  • desideroto long for, to miss, wish for greatly
  • derideoderide, mock, to laugh at
  • derigescoto become stiff
  • deripiosnatch away, to tear down
  • desidiosuslazy, unmotivated
  • desinocease, desist, end, give over, leave off, stop, to leave off, to to stop
  • desipiomake an ass of one's self, play the fool, to act foolishly
  • dealboto purify, whitewash
  • debelloconquer, end a war, fight out, finish a war, to vanquish, vanquish