1. abandon
  2. foresake
  3. to abandon
  4. to leave

Synonyms for desero

  • derelinquoabandon, desert, to forsake
  • desoloabandoned, foresake, leave, to desert, to forsake, to leave desolate
  • destituoabandon, defraud, leave in the lurch, to abandon, to place
  • dimittoabandon, dismiss, forgive, leave, leave behind, send away, to break up, to leave
  • prodoabandon, appoint, betray, bring forth, deliver, disclose, hand over, publish, transmit
  • proicioabandon, fling, to throw forth
  • relinquoabandon, bequeath, forsake, to leave behind

Similar to desero

  • deserensabandoning
  • declaroexplain, reveal, to explain, to proclaim, to prove
  • decoroadorn, beautify, embellish, to grace
  • decurromanoeuver, run in a race, take refuge, to run down, to sail downstream, to sing
  • deferocarry down, communicate, offer, refer, to bear, to bring, to carry, to hand over
  • degerolive, to pass time
  • devoroto devour
  • degenerodegenerate, disgrace by degeneracy, fall off, to be unlike one's kind, to cause to degenerate
  • deliberodeliberate, resolve, to be determined, to consider, to determine
  • desideroto long for, to miss, wish for greatly