1. ascribe
  2. assign
  3. attribute
  4. commit
  5. impute
  6. to transfer

Synonyms for delego

  • comittocommit, to entrust
  • credocommit, rely on, think, to believe, trust, trust in
  • describoassign, register, to describe
  • mancipoalienate, catch, give into charge, give up, seize, to sell formally, to transfer, turn over
  • reputoimpute, judge, reflect upon, suppose, think, to believe, to reckon
  • suggeroadd, assign, attach, bring to mind, offer, place next, prompt, provide, suggest, supply, to bring up, to excite
  • tradocommit, deliver, hand over, surrender, teach, to bequeath, transmit
  • translatoto transfer
  • tribuoallot, allow, assign, divide, give, grant, to bestow, to give out

Similar to delego

  • deleoannihilate, blot out, destroy, efface, erase, to obliterate
  • defigoconcentrate, fasten down, fix firmly, fix upon, secure, to fasten
  • defungodie, finish, quit, retire, to discharge one's duties
  • demergodip under, go into debt, plunge into, to plunge, to sink
  • denegodeny, reject, to refuse
  • detegodisclose, lay bare, to expose, to uncover
  • legoappoint, choose, collect, pass through, read, select, to gather
  • dealboto purify, whitewash
  • debelloconquer, end a war, fight out, finish a war, to vanquish, vanquish
  • debeoto be bound by, to be morally bound to, to owe