1. to bewail
  2. weep for

Synonyms for defleo

  • lamentorlament, to bewail, to weep, wail

Similar to defleo

  • defluobe lost, disappear, to flow away, to flow down, waste
  • leolion
  • caleobe inflamed, to be warmed
  • deleoannihilate, blot out, destroy, efface, erase, to obliterate
  • doleogrieve, to be pained, to suffer pain
  • palleobe pale, be yellow
  • polleoable, powerful, to be rich in, to be strong
  • sileobe silent about, rest, silent, to be still
  • soleobe used to, to be accustomed, to to be wont
  • valeobe effective, be well, have power, to be strong, to have strength