1. decree
  2. edict
  3. judgment
  4. order
  5. ordinance
  6. principle

Synonyms for decretum

  • arbitriumjudgment
  • censurajudgment, opinion
  • consiliumassembly, consultation, council, deliberation, judgment, measure as in plan, plan, purpose, resolution, suggestion, wisdom
  • consultumdecree
  • edictumordinance
  • formulaformula, physical beauty, principle, rule
  • iudiciumdecision, judgment, opinion, trial
  • jussioorder
  • mandatumcharge, command, commission, decree, entrust, instruction, mandate, message, order
  • mandocommand, confide, entrust, order, to commit, to send word

Similar to decretum

  • decrepitusdecrepit, infirm
  • debitumdebt
  • delictumtransgression
  • detectumdisclose, lay bare, to uncover
  • detrimentumdamage, defeat, detriment, loss
  • dealboto purify, whitewash
  • debelloconquer, end a war, fight out, finish a war, to vanquish, vanquish
  • debeoto be bound by, to be morally bound to, to owe
  • debilitoennervate, exhaust, sap, to weaken
  • debrioto intoxicate