1. come to a conclusion
  2. consider
  3. ponder
  4. reflect
  5. to look to the interests of
  6. to reflect
  7. to take counsel

Synonyms for consulo

  • cogitoconsider, plan, ponder, ruminate, to think
  • consultoconsult, ponder, to ask the e of, to consider carefully, to consult, weigh
  • ducocommand, consider, considered, construct, count, delay, draw, draw in, esteem, influence, marry a wife, mislead, reckon, shape, spend, to calculate, to charm, to draw, to lead, to lead on the march
  • habeoconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habitumconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habuiconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • intueorconsider, contemplate, gaze at, look upon, observe, to admire, to look at attentively
  • iudicoconsider, to judge
  • libroponder, to launch
  • meditatusconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon

Similar to consulo

  • consuasorcounselor, or
  • consuefacioacclimate, become used to, to accustom
  • consuescohabituate, inure, to accustom
  • consuetacustomary, usual
  • consuetudocustom, familiar acquaintance, habit, intimacy, usage
  • consulatiodeliberation, full consideration, inquiry
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • consuostitch, to sew together
  • consutumstitch, to sew together
  • congelofreeze, harden, to congeal