1. appoint
  2. cause to stand
  3. decide
  4. establish
  5. found
  6. place
  7. post
  8. set
  9. set up
  10. settle
  11. station
  12. to arrange
  13. to establish
  14. to fix
  15. to set up

Synonyms for constituo

  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • castrumcastle, fort, fortified encampment, fortress, station
  • cernodecide, determine, distinguish, resolve, sift, to perceive, to separate
  • certodispute, fight, settle, to contend, to settle by combat, to struggle
  • componocompose, settle, to adjust, to put together
  • comproboestablish, prove, to approve fully, to confirm
  • condicofix, make arrangements, settle, to agree
  • condobuild, erect, establish, place, to store
  • considosettle, to set down
  • decernodetermine, resolve on, settle, to decide, to decide to do something, to judge

Similar to constituo

  • constipatussurrounded
  • construoarrange, build, to bring together, to construct
  • conspiciobehold, perceive, to catch sight of, to observe, understand
  • constrictiodraw together, to bind together
  • conspiratiounion
  • destituoabandon, defraud, leave in the lurch, to abandon, to place
  • instituobegin, found, institute, put in place, to establish
  • prostituoprostitute
  • restituoput back, reinstate, repair, replace, restore
  • sustituoput in place of, put under, to put next