1. behold
  2. perceive
  3. to catch sight of
  4. to observe
  5. understand

Synonyms for conspicio

  • agnoscoacknowledge, admit, perceive, recognize, report, to know again, to recognize, understand
  • animtoperceive, realize, see, sometimes understand, take notice of, to turn the mind to
  • aspiciobehold, gaze at, see, to look at
  • contemplorconsider carefully, regard, survey, to mark out, to observe
  • enbehold
  • inspicioperceive, to consider
  • percepilearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • perceptumlearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • percipiolearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • scioto know, understand

Similar to conspicio

  • conspiratiounion
  • conspicuusstriking
  • construoarrange, build, to bring together, to construct
  • constituoappoint, cause to stand, decide, establish, found, place, post, set, set up, settle, station, to arrange, to establish, to fix, to set up
  • constrictiodraw together, to bind together
  • aspiciobehold, gaze at, see, to look at
  • despiciodespise, regard from above, to disdain, to look down
  • inspicioperceive, to consider
  • prospiciocontemplate, propitious, prosper, to look into the distance, to see from a distance
  • respiciohave regard for, provide for, respect, to look back, to turn attention to