1. attempt
  2. endeavor
  3. presume
  4. to try
  5. to undertake
  6. try
  7. venture

Synonyms for conor

  • experiorascertain, experience, prove, put to the test, test, to test, to try
  • inceptumattempt, beginning, enterprise
  • invadoattack, enter, fall upon, get in, go in, seize, to assail, to attack, to undertake, usurp
  • judicojudge, to condemn, to pass judgment, try
  • nisusendeavor, exertion
  • postulocontain, demand, impeach, measure, need, prosecute, require, summon, to ask, to complain, try
  • praesumodare, take for granted, to anticipate, to trust, venture
  • rudimentumattempt, essay, trial
  • tendoaggravate, attempt, extend, give, go, heighten, present, stretch, to direct, to strive, try
  • tentotest, to try

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