1. fix
  2. make arrangements
  3. settle
  4. to agree

Synonyms for condico

  • certodispute, fight, settle, to contend, to settle by combat, to struggle
  • componocompose, settle, to adjust, to put together
  • consentioconsent, conspire, plot, to agree
  • considosettle, to set down
  • constituoappoint, cause to stand, decide, establish, found, place, post, set, set up, settle, station, to arrange, to establish, to fix, to set up
  • decernodetermine, resolve on, settle, to decide, to decide to do something, to judge
  • destinoappoint, determine settle, fix, make fast, to fasten down
  • exigocomplete, decide, demand, determine, drive out, exact, finish, force out, sell, settle, to exact
  • redintegrofix, restore, to repair
  • subsidolie in ambush, settle, sink, stay remain, subside, to crouch down

Similar to condico

  • contradicogainsay, oppose verbally, to speak against
  • conditaestablishment, foundation, laid up store, making
  • conditorcreator
  • concrescogrow strong, to take form
  • conculcodespise, oppress, suppress, to abuse, to tread under foot, tread down, tread under foot
  • condecoto meet
  • conducoamong many other meanings, employ for wages, hire, lead forth, to conduct
  • consecochop up, cut into pieces, to dismember
  • convincoconquer, to demonstrate, to overcome
  • convococonvene, to call together