1. assemble
  2. to bring together

Synonyms for concieo

  • coactumcoercion, compulsion, draw, drive, force, to bring together
  • coegidraw, drive, to bring together
  • cogocompel, compress, confine, draw, drive, restrict, to bring together, to compel, to to force
  • colligoassemble, gather together, lectum, legi, to bind, to collect
  • conferobetake oneself, collect, confer, debate, devote, discuss, put together, to bring together
  • congregoassemble, convene, to assemble, to gather together
  • construoarrange, build, to bring together, to construct
  • contrahoassemble, constrict, contract, draw up, to conclude, to gather together, to reduce, unite

Similar to concieo

  • concioto stir up
  • conciliobring togethe, bring together, cause, procure the favor, reconcile, to assemble, to make friendly, unite, win over
  • concipioconceive, receive, take in, to take or lay hold of
  • concidocut down, cut up, destroy, fail, perish, sink, subside, to be ruined, to fall down
  • conciliatormediator
  • conciliumconciliation, council
  • concinocelebrate, to sing together
  • concisusbrief, broken, concise, cut up
  • concitequickly
  • concitoarouse, excite, stir up, to move violently