1. scourge

Synonyms for clades

  • flagelloscourge, whip
  • plagaa blow, affliction, blow, buffet, district, plague, region, scourge, slap, stroke, wound, zone

Similar to clades

  • clamitoto bawl out for
  • clamocry aloud, declare, proclaim, shout, to call
  • clamora shout, cry, loud call, outcry
  • claritasbrightness
  • claritudobrightness
  • claromake clear in the mind, to make bright or clear
  • clarusbright, clear, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • caedescarnage
  • fidesassurance, belief, confidence, engagement, faith, lyre, promise, protection, reliance, string, trust, trustworthiness, truth, word of honor
  • pedesfoot, going on foot, infantryman, walking