1. quickness
  2. rapidity
  3. speed
  4. swiftness

Synonyms for celeritas

  • acceleroaccelerate, hasten, speed, to quicken
  • alacritasanimation, eagerness, quickness, rapidity, sharpness
  • festinatiohaste, speed
  • festinohurry, speed, to hasten, to make haste
  • properoaccelerate, come quickly, move rapidly, speed, speed up, to hasten
  • volobe willing, denote, maintain that, move rapidly, ordain, signify, speed, suppose, to fly, to mean, to wish, want, will

Similar to celeritas

  • celeriterquickly, rapidly, speedily, swiftly
  • celebritascelebration, crowd, fame, multitude, renown
  • celebratioassembly, audience, large crowd
  • celebrerfamous, popular, renowned, well known
  • celebriscelebrated
  • celebrusabounding in, much frequented, respected, rich in
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • celerfast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
  • celoconceal, keep secret, to hide
  • celoxfast, fleet, rapid, swift