1. arrest
  2. attack
  3. choose
  4. comprehend
  5. hire
  6. injure
  7. seize
  8. to rent
  9. to take

Phrases with the word capio

Synonyms for capio

  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • bellicuma signal to march, attack, ce, charge
  • carpeseize
  • carpograb, hold on to, lay hold of, seize, to pluck
  • comprehendoapprehend, arrest, catch red, comprehend, include, seize, take firmly, take prisoner, take together, to embrace, to grasp, to seize, to to gather together, unite
  • conducoamong many other meanings, employ for wages, hire, lead forth, to conduct
  • corripioattack, snatch up, steal, to seize
  • decursusa running down, attack, charge, completion of a course, downward course, manoeuver
  • desumochoose, elect, take out, to select
  • eligochoose, select, to elect, to pick out

Similar to capio

  • capitagiumpoll tax
  • capitalecattle, chattels, possessions
  • capitiscapital, captain, chief, head, leader, summit, top
  • capituluschapter, chapter house, chapter meeting
  • caleobe inflamed, to be warmed
  • careoto feel the want of
  • caveocave, cavity, give security, hollow place, mortgage, pit
  • capulatiodecapitation
  • pioto purify with sacred rites
  • caballussteed