1. accuse
  2. attempt to show
  3. censure
  4. convict
  5. declare
  6. expose
  7. make clear
  8. prove
  9. reprove
  10. to blame
  11. to show

Synonyms for arguo

  • aperiolay bare, make clear, reveal, to uncover
  • castigochasten, chastise, check, punish, reprove, restrain
  • clamocry aloud, declare, proclaim, shout, to call
  • comproboestablish, prove, to approve fully, to confirm
  • confutocheck, convict, halt, keep silent, repress, restrain, silence, stop, supress, to check, to confute, turn back
  • culpoaccuse, censure, to blam
  • denuncioannounce, declare, give notice
  • denuntioannounce, declare, pronounce, to announce officially
  • disserodeclare, discuss, speak, to discuss, to examine, treat of, utter
  • edicodeclare, to announce

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