1. put on the table
  2. put to
  3. serve
  4. to add something
  5. to appoint a person
  6. to place near

Synonyms for appono

  • administroserve, to guide
  • commodoadapt, oblige, please, serve, to make fit
  • excoloadorn, cultivate, polish, refine, serve, to honor, to tend
  • inserviobe devoted to, serve, to be a slave
  • servoguard, keep, observe, protect, reserve, save, serve, to preserve, to watch over

Similar to appono

  • appositusappositively, approaching, appropriate, placed near
  • ponoplace, post, put, set, station, to lay
  • apparatuseffort, equipment, exertion, gear, machinery, magnificence, splendor
  • appareoappear, manifest, to become visible
  • appellomove towards, name, summon, to call, to drive, to land
  • appenditiaappurtenance
  • applicoattach, steer, to land
  • approboto approve
  • appropinquareapproach
  • appropinquoto approach