1. admonish
  2. to urge or incite to action

Synonyms for admoneo

  • moneoadmonish, instruct, remind, to warn
  • paecipioadmonish, instruct, teach, to warn
  • praedicoadmonish, foretell, instruct, to fix in ce, to warn
  • predicoadmonish, foretell, instruct, to warn

Similar to admoneo

  • admoveoapply, bring up, to move to
  • admonitioreminder, warning
  • moneoadmonish, instruct, remind, to warn
  • adnuoto nod assent
  • adficioafflict, drain, exhaust, sap, to affect, weaken
  • adjiciomove towards, suggest, to add, to turn towards
  • adservioassist, help, to aid
  • admiratioadmiration, astonishment, surprise, wonder
  • commoneorecollect, to impress upon one, to remember, to remind, to remind someone forcibly of somthing
  • praemoneoto forwarn