1. accelerate
  2. hasten
  3. speed
  4. to quicken

Synonyms for accelero

  • celeritasquickness, rapidity, speed, swiftness
  • contendocast, compete, contrast, hasten, maintain, shoot, strive, struggle, to assert, to compare, to contend
  • festinatiohaste, speed
  • festinohurry, speed, to hasten, to make haste
  • incitohasten, increase, inspire, spur, to excite, to spur on, urge on
  • properoaccelerate, come quickly, move rapidly, speed, speed up, to hasten
  • vadogo, hasten, rush
  • vivificoto quicken
  • volitoflit about, flutter, hasten, hurry, to rush back and forth
  • volobe willing, denote, maintain that, move rapidly, ordain, signify, speed, suppose, to fly, to mean, to wish, want, will

Similar to accelero

  • accedocome near, to approach, to be added
  • acquirogain, get, obtain, to acquire
  • acbut
  • accendoarouse, excite, illuminate, incite, inflame, to kindle, to rouse up
  • acceptiussuitable for receiving
  • acceptusagreeable, pleasant, welcome
  • accersituscalled, summoned
  • accersocall for, fetch, summon, to bring
  • accidodestroy, hew, occur, to fall down, to hack, to happen, to ruin
  • accipioaccept, cepi, ceptum, learn, receive, take, to consider oneself indebted, to receive