1. come near
  2. to approach
  3. to be added

Synonyms for accedo

  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit
  • appropinquoto approach
  • succedosubmit, to approach

Similar to accedo

  • acceleroaccelerate, hasten, speed, to quicken
  • accendoarouse, excite, illuminate, incite, inflame, to kindle, to rouse up
  • accidodestroy, hew, occur, to fall down, to hack, to happen, to ruin
  • accredoaccept wholeheartedly, to believe unconditionally
  • accommodoaccommodate oneself, adapt, to adjust
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • acbut
  • acceptiussuitable for receiving
  • acceptusagreeable, pleasant, welcome
  • accersituscalled, summoned