1. dishearten
  2. dispense with
  3. get rid of
  4. to throw down
  5. weaken

Synonyms for abicio

  • adficioafflict, drain, exhaust, sap, to affect, weaken
  • adflictobreak, damage, discourage, to injure, weaken
  • affligobreak, cast down, damage, discourage, distress, ruin, strike against, to injure, to reduce, weaken
  • atterodestroy, erode, impair, rub against, rub away, ruin, to weaken, waste, weaken, wear away, wear down
  • castrocastrate, emasculate, enervate, unman, weaken
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken
  • corrumpoannihilate, destroy, spoil, to break up, weaken
  • deficiofail, to be in want, to run out, to to be wanting, weaken, withdraw
  • eradicodestroy, get rid of, obliterate, to root out
  • infractumdiscourage, impari, to beak, weaken

Similar to abicio

  • adicioaddress, apply, to direct, to throw to
  • abicocast aside, to humble
  • abiectuscontemptible
  • abiegosend off, to send away
  • abigodrive away, rustle cattle, steal, to drive off
  • abiungodetach, separate, to unharnass
  • abiuroto deny by oath
  • abeochange, depart from life, die, disappear, retire, to digress, to go away, to have been, to pass, vanish
  • abluoclean, cleanse, to wash
  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit