1. change
  2. depart from life
  3. die
  4. disappear
  5. retire
  6. to digress
  7. to go away
  8. to have been
  9. to pass
  10. vanish

Synonyms for abeo

  • abolescoperish, to die, vanish
  • abscedodepart, leave, to go away
  • absistodesist, to go away
  • decidodie, fall, fall dead, sink, to fall down
  • defluobe lost, disappear, to flow away, to flow down, waste
  • defungodie, finish, quit, retire, to discharge one's duties
  • discedodeviate, leave, to depart from, to go away
  • inclinochange, fall back, incline, to bend, turn, waver
  • inflectoaffect, bow, change, curve, sway, to bend, to warp
  • intereodecay, die, go to ruin, take part in, to perish, to to be undone

Similar to abeo

  • abluoclean, cleanse, to wash
  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit
  • alioend, for another purpose, person, to another place
  • abiciodishearten, dispense with, get rid of, to throw down, weaken
  • aboleoabolish, annul, do away with, efface, obliterate, to destroy
  • abortiomiscarriage
  • abruptiodivorce, separation
  • adaugeoadd, augment, increase, to make greater
  • Ademptioa taking away
  • adeptioachievement, attainment, obtaining