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Hello. This is a pretty by-the-numbers tracker. Most things work just like in Protracker. TL;DR: Right CTRL or F5 to play song, CTRL+S to save song (in browser data!). CTRL+P to save song as file (check your popup blocker). To edit the song, hit SPACE to toggle edit mode (red cursor = edit, blue cursor = not editing). ESCAPE to cycle focus between the editors.

Note: Browsers sometimes eat the CTRL+N shortcut, please use ALT+N instead.

Mobile users: Tap "Play song" to check out the sound, there is no proper touch screen support yet.

This is a preview and the waveforms (and sometimes the file format!) will probably change at some point, so don't get mad if your song doesn't sound the same in the future (at least for waveforms $A0..$FE). Desktop builds will follow.