1. appearance
  2. aspect
  3. look

Synonyms for vulticulus

  • exortusappearance
  • faciesappearance, aspect, condition, countenance, face, look, visage
  • formaappearance, beauty, forma, model, shape
  • perlustroexamine, look, survey, to pass through
  • vultusa face, appearance, aspect, countenance, expression of the face, form, look, shape

Similar to vulticulus

  • fonticuluslittle fountain, small spring
  • Vulcanusfire
  • vulgariscommon, ordinary, usual
  • vulgariterin the common way, ordinary manner
  • vulgivagusintinerant, vagrant, wandering
  • vulgoimpart, make accessible, publish, to spread
  • vulgusmass, mob, multitude, rabble, the common people
  • vulneroharm, hurt, injure, to wound
  • vulnuswound
  • vulpesfox