1. wound

Synonyms for vulnus

  • Icohit, make a deal, strike a bargain, to strike, wound
  • ictusbite, blow, bolt, stabbing, stroke, thrust, wound
  • plagaa blow, affliction, blow, buffet, district, plague, region, scourge, slap, stroke, wound, zone
  • secoamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, to fly or cut through, to settle, wound
  • sectumamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, wound
  • secuiamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, wound

Similar to vulnus

  • Vulcanusfire
  • vulgariscommon, ordinary, usual
  • vulgariterin the common way, ordinary manner
  • vulgivagusintinerant, vagrant, wandering
  • vulgoimpart, make accessible, publish, to spread
  • vulgusmass, mob, multitude, rabble, the common people
  • vulneroharm, hurt, injure, to wound
  • vulpesfox
  • vulsumpluck out, to pull
  • vulticulusappearance, aspect, look